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Don’t you think a lesson is boring? No way! In Dental Verdi clinic lessons are very cool

That is because after our lessons your kid can start a video blogging career and be a great example to his or her friends!

Do you know how?

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How many times did you promise yourself to start a new life on Monday?

To learn a new language, for example, go in for sports, and eat healthy food. However, when Monday comes, all plans are postponed till the next week. We are sure that story is the same for dentist's visits. And it's so true when temperature outside is too low…

Specialists in Dental Verdi clinic decided to give some warm discounts on ultrasonic dental cleaning. Don’t you think that it will become a little warmer with a discount of..

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How excited we usually are, waiting for New Year gifts and miracles. Well, here they are!

In our case these gifs are useful and health related.

Would you like to know what is waiting for you in New Year 2018?

While we can’t forecast all the events, of course, we do make accurate forecasts of your future smile.

Interested already?

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Wonderful white Fridays in Dental Verdi, when everybody else is having Black ones!

Why shall they be white? That is because we have discounts on

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Exam, exam, exam, exam! Why is it four times? That is because we have an exam week in Dental Verdi with four special offers in two “subjects” – cosmetic therapy and dentistryJ

Yes, our friends, to celebrate the Student’s Day we have the most scoring discounts on:

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The end of October means that there is a very few time left until New Year. Therefore, it is a good idea to pay attention to how will look. To ease this process Dental Verdi has a special offer – a discount on a complete course of laser hair removal:

Clinic in the center of Kiev has just started an unprecedented special for total cleaning...of the face.

Time is precious when in time.

A lot and little of time.

Long time is not at all a time,

if it’s already gone.

Program targets significant weight reduction in order to get a perfect silhouette:

1). Pressotherapy with body wrap – 10 procedures. Frequency – once in 2 days.

2). Cryotherapy for body — 6 procedures. Frequency – once per 5 days.

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